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With this project, we are exploring the possibility of using bio-technologies to obtain bio fuel from the wastewater coming from the specific activities of bio refineries.

The solution provides the combining of two bioprocesses:

  • A fermentation and anaerobic oxidation process (anaerobic digestion) of organic pollutants present in wastewater, a process which occurs in an anaerobic digester;
  • A process of photosynthetic growth of microalgae in the photobioreactor.

The project brings a significant scientific contribution in the field of (engineering) process automation with notable applications in the field of energy production (such as biofuel: methane, biodiesel) and environment protection (biological anaerobic treatment of wastewater and bio-mitigation of carbon dioxide):

  • Creating knowledge and obtaining excellent scientific and technological globally competitive results;
  • Increasing competitiveness of Romanian economy by innovation with an impact at the level of economic operators and transfer of knowledge in the economic practice;
  • Increasing social quality, namely finding technical and scientific solutions supporting social development and improving its human condition.

The BIOCON project is aimed at obtaining original results with direct applications in:

  • achieving experimental models for anaerobic digester and photobioreactor;
  • implementing functional models for anaerobic digester and photobioreactor;
  • implementing the prototype – biorefinery-type facility run by computer process;
  • introducing a control solution of the biorefinery-type facility – an advanced control system of the overall process.
  • “Dunarea de Jos” Galati University – Faculty of Automation, Computers, Electric Engineering and Electronics – Romania;
  • University of Craiova – Romania;
  • Polytechnic University of Timisoara – Romania;
  • Teamnet Engineering SRL – Romania.