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Teamnet Dedalus launches an advanced medical screening solution on the Romanian market

The solution has been tested in Italy in more than 200 prevention campaigns which involved approximately 17 million citizens from over 21,000 medical units

Bucharest, 9 August 2016 – Teamnet Dedalus, one of the main suppliers of IT systems for the public and private medical sector, announces the launch of an advanced medical screening solution on the Romanian market, in partnership with Dedalus SPA, leader in software solutions for the public and private healthcare system in Italy.

Screening Medical v2The medical screening platform, called Arianna Screening, helps the medical services providers in the programs for prevention and early detection of different diseases, giving the possibility of an effective, integrated and optimized management of the screening campaigns. The solution provides support ever since the stage of definition of the target population and the epidemiological study of the disease, namely the establishment of the presentation rounds up to appointments, examinations and investigations, including in the treatment or surgical intervention stage.

“This solution gives to the health service providers from the public and private sector an extended and integrated series of functionalities which streamline the processes subsumed to the management of the screening campaigns. It is an instrument which has been tested in Italy for more than 25 years, by means of which over 200 prevention campaigns involving approximately 17 million citizens from more than 21,000 medical units have been successfully managed. The system implementation contributes to a better information of the population and to the increase of the rate of participation in the screening campaigns for more than 70% of the target population, but also to a follow-up of the campaign results until the surgical intervention stage”, declared Florina Zamfirescu, Sales Manager Teamnet Dedalus.

The Teamnet Dedalus capitalizes the extensive experience of the company Dedalus SPA on the Italian market, being an indispensable instrument in the management of the screening campaigns,regardless whether they are initiated by the public health authorities and carried out at the national level or they are organized in the medical units and managed at the institution level. Also, the utilizations of the solution are not limited to certain types of campaigns, this being compatible with any type of prevention campaign.

Thus, Teamnet Dedalus proposes a new approach of the screening campaigns, integrating the platform with medical equipment for easy and automated access to the investigation results. By interoperability with the systems of the health authorities, with the electronic file of the patient, but also with the systems implemented at the hospital level, the IT solution gives the possibility to follow the results and to recommend the appropriate results to the patients, while offering complex reports related to the main indicators for the assessment program of the screening activities.

At the same time, Teamnet Dedalus provides the services of a team of experts, who will ensure the operation according to the legislation and to the specific requirements of the medical services providers in Romania.

The software systems provided by Teamnet Dedalus are addressed to the medical services providers and health authorities and they have the role of reducing the waiting time of the patient for medical services, as well as to increase their quality through the support given to the medical staff.

About Teamnet Dedalus:

Teamnet Dedalus, part of the Teamnet Group, is one of the main providers of integrated IT systems for the medical sector in Romania.

Teamnet Dedalus provides eHealth solutions for the management of all the medical services. The solutions offered include Armonia®sanita, a comprehensive system for the management of the medical, administrative and financial flows in hospitals.

About  Teamnet:

With an experience of 15 years, Teamnet is one of the main system integrators in the region.

The Group registered a consolidated turnover of 93 million EUR in 2014 and it was included in the regional Deloitte rankings for the eighth consecutive year.

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