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A first in the history of the Romanian aviation – private unmanned planes operate in the national airspace


Bogdan-NedelcuBucharest, June 25th, 2013 – TeamNet is the first private company to sign the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operation protocol in the Romanian airspace. The UAV Hirrus, the ground control station, the antennae orientation mechanism and the launch platform were fully designed and built by the team of Romanian specialists within the company. Hirrus is a project in which TeamNet has been investing research resources for more than two years.

During June 17-21, the UAV carried out the first data collection flights, providing data for an academic research project. The information delivered in the future by a series of optic sensors fitted on Hirrus will be used for the evaluation of the flood potential of a drainage basin. Until July 31st, TeamNet will have carried out six more missions with this UAV, all flights being data collection missions for research projects.

“Our UAVs are flight vehicles which are easily adaptable to different missions and which deliver relevant, accurate and correctly localized information in real time. We have received proposals for using Hirrus for research projects in agriculture, tourism, environmental protection, disaster prevention and even archeology. Soon, both in Romania and on other markets, the requirement for UAV technology within the private sector will increase, as more and more private clients will see the benefits of using the data delivered by such unmanned vehicles,” declared Bogdan Nedelcu, Vice-President Strategic Projects within TeamNet.

Flight autonomy, short launch time and low operation costs recommend the Hirrus UAV for data collection in the field of crop and pest monitoring, for the creation of detailed maps and for monitoring large areas for different purposes. Also, the flight vehicle can help search activities in case of emergencies (floods, snow-drifts, landslides, avalanches etc.)

The UAV system provided by TeamNet includes three Hirrus unmanned planes, a control-command station and emission-reception antennas; the purchase cost includes the training program. The system may also be rented or used on subscription basis. The vehicle has an autonomy of approximately three hours, depending on the load; it can reach speeds of over 110 km/h and altitudes of more than 2,500 m.

The operation of this device does not affect the safety of civilian air traffic.

About TeamNet

With over 12 years of experience on the market, TeamNet is one of the leading IT integrators in Romania, with a diverse portfolio that includes GIS, Big Data and hardware projects, systems integration projects and custom software development for clients in administration, transportation, environment, health or agriculture.

The overall turnover of the TeamNet group exceeded 50 million EUR in 2012. TeamNet was included, for the fifth consecutive year within the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe top, which ranks companies depending on their revenue growth rate.

For information about TeamNet, please contact Andrada Busuioc, Manager – Corporate Division, GolinHarris Bucharest, at or telephone 0745.974.785.