Teamnet’s Head Office nominated at National Biennale of Architecture 2014

The project plan for Teamnet’s head office opened this year in Green Gate building was nominated for the category Interior Space Architecture in the National Biennale of Architecture 2014.

The basic idea of the design concept was to create a representative space for Teamnet which offered employees a modern and intelligent office space ensuring work conditions at the current highest standards and, at the same time, a warm, fresh atmosphere supporting creativity.

Teamnet’s head office is made up of several work spaces customized according to the needs of each department, in addition to various spaces with the role of supporting team work or, on the contrary, offering the framework needed for a private discussion or a phone call. Moreover, the office has even a recreation room for game lovers, such as ping-pong or billiards. The kitchens at each floor reproduce the design of five well-known restaurants in the main cities where Teamnet has branch offices.

From a chromatic point of view, the office set up is designed according to Teamnet’s brand identity as the colors red, white and grey were used for most of the decoration elements. Moreover, using the TRT concept (The Real Thing), re-stylized objects were placed in offices and additional spaces with reference to the industries in which the company is active: public services and governance, agriculture, transport, public safety and environment.

The entire planning process lasted for 1 year, while the execution was conducted for a period of 4 months. The interior design experts involved in creating this project are from Prographic Architecture Studio.
The National Biennale of Architecture celebrations are taking place between 14 and 30 of October, 2014. You can find more details by visiting the website of the event: