Teamnet offers unmanned planes that can be used for data collection

Hirrus-UAV-01TeamNet, one of the main IT integrators on the local market, with 53 million Euro turnover in 2012, has launched on the market, following an investment and research project developed over the last two years, an unmanned plane which has an authonomy of about three hoursa and can reach speeds of over 110 km/h at heights of over 2,500 meters.

The plane can be used, for example, for data collection on crops status, for mapping or for monitoring large areas. “The UAV Hirrus, the ground control station, the antenna orientation mechanism and the launch platform were fully designed and built by the team of Romanian specialists within the company,” say Teamnet representatives. “Soon, both in Romania and on other markets, the requirement for UAV technology within the private sector will increase, as more and more private clients will see the benefits of using the data delivered by such unmanned vehicles,” declared Bogdan Nedelcu, Vice-President Strategic Projects within TeamNet.

The UAV system provided by TeamNet includes three Hirrus unmanned planes, a control-command station and emission-reception antennas  and can be purchased, rented or used on subscription basis.

Author: Ioana Niță


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