Teamnet hosted the first debate on UAV technology

In March, Teamnet Group held a debate on UAV  technology, to the purpose of increasing sustainable dialogue and collaboration with representatives of the academia and of the public institutions interested in developing this technology in Romania. Prominent figures from the academia, as well as from public institutions attended the event.

The debate focused on topics such as the evolution and potential of UAV Technology and on presenting the projects in which Teamnet has managed to successfully integrate this technology. Bogdan Nedelcu, Head of Medical and Strategic Projects within the Group, spoke about the results of having participated, with this integrated technology, in the NATO Unified Vision 2014  application, taking place in Norway, last year.

In addition to the presentation, Florin Iosub, GIS Specialist within Teamnet, spoke about the case studies of several GIS projects which use UAV technology.

Silvestru Pican, Technical Project Manager within the company, delivered a presentation about the “Eye in the Sky” project, run by Teamnet, by means of which both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to access data provided by unmanned air vehicles.

This event is the first debate on UAV Technology in the series of events held by Teamnet, which address the academia and the public institutions.

About Teamnet Academic Programs

Teamnet runs several academic programs  and continuously invests in talented and creative young people, with outstanding technical capabilities and passion for innovation. In 2012, the Group launched the Programme “From Zero to Hero”, by means of which free intensive classes held by Teamnet experts are provided, and thereafter the participants have the opportunity to enroll in a 3- months- paid internship programme.

As for this year, Teamnet forecasts a number of 100 students to be enrolled in the internship programme run by the company.

About UAV Technology

Our airborne technology systems are a fast and affordable way for governmental agencies and privately-owned companies to get high quality ground images: orthophoto maps for large areas, 3D digital models of the surfaces or video capture.

With the help of Hirrus unmanned air vehicles systems Teamnet provides access to relevant, accurate and correctly localized information in real time. At present, the UAV Technology   provides a much more affordable alternative to the images obtained from satellites, for a faithful reproduction of the surfaces and their details: from hidden fire outbreaks to the height of a building or the signs of pest damage to crops.