Teamnet: Developing IT specialists at national level, the first step towards making Romania an IT export hub

bogdan-padiu-contentRomania is an important IT exporter in the region, however there is still a huge unexplored potential in this area. “Developing IT specialists and changing HR export for processed intelligence in the form of competitive solutions and products, Romania can become an IT export hub”, considers Bogdan Padiu (photo), CEO Teamnet Group.
Thus, talented and creative young persons, with outstanding technical abilities and a visible passion for technology, represent Romania’s stake for a solid industry in technological exportation. Romania currently exports human resources, as many young people choose to work in other countries while the technological exportation mostly means exportation of working hours per IT expert. A change of paradigm is necessary, resulting in intelligence exportation under the form of complex products which can be implemented by local companies at regional level.

“Developing an ecosystem of specialists which can develop and sustain Romania’s technology exportation is a process which must benefit from investments and shared effort from the private and public sector”, added Bogdan Padiu.

Teamnet invests yearly in developing young talents in IT and contributes to turning them into valuable resources. The Group has one of the most active internship programmes in the country and, starting last year, launched a new programme, From Zero to Hero, which offers free training to students within the company. Moreover, Teamnet already has a tradition in collaborating with the university field, opening every year research and development programmes dedicated to students.

Founded in 2001, Teamnet Group is one of the first IT&C integrators in Romania. In 2010, the group entered the regional market developing large scale projects for public and private organizations in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Middle East and North Africa (MENA).