Romania, the best position in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE until now

DeloitteThis year, Romania ranks the best until now in Deloitte Fast 50 technology classification, conducted in Central and Eastern Europe, our country occupying the first place in the Fast 50 and Rising Starts categories and the third place in the Big 5.

On the other hand,, the company who ranks the first in the Fast 50 category, has this position for the third time in a row. The online tourism service provider had a 5,729% increase in the past five years.

In the last five years, TeamNet International has had a 639% increase, occupying the third place in the Big 5 category and the 17th in the Fast 50 category, while Insoft Development & Consulting has had a 2,884% growth. The Rising Starts category, led by Insoft, measures companies’ financial results on a period of three years.

Of the 50 companies in the top, 29 are in the software field, 13 are in the internet field, 5 in telecom and networking, and one company represents  each of the fields computers & peripherals, media & entertainment, components, electronics, semiconductors.

„The software companies are predominant because the market trend is towards the online focus, and for online development you need software, pure technology”, said for, Alina Mirea.

Author: Cristina Negraru