“Fictitious Localities in Romania” in Digi24 coverage

In February, Teamnet took part in the Open Data Hackathon developing two projects which use public national databases: “Localitățile fictive din România”/”Fictitious Localities in Romania” and “Eu pe ce stradă stau?”/ “What Street do I live on?”

At the end of the competition, the Teamnet crew led by the expert Iurie Maxim – the coordinator of the GIS Department within the Group, ranked 3rd with the project which managed to identify 126 fictitious localities in Romania.

The team’s effort throughout the contest materialized in an interactive map application, based on Esri Technology (ArcGIS Online). The map shows the localities which nowadays have become deserted or whose geographical territory has ended up being used to other purposes; it also provides some data certifying their categorization as fictitious.

The TV Channel Digi24 further elaborated on this topic. Starting from the Teamnet crew’s project, Digi 24 made a comprehensive coverage in which they investigate the reasons why many Romanian localities ceased to exist – and at present are only mentioned in databases and in official common classifications that are not updated.

The entire coverage can be seen here.

The second project presented within the competition – “Eu pe ce stradă stau?”/ “What Street do I live on?”  aimed to identify and document the issues related to the streets in Bucharest. Thus, the team members found 346 differences between the street names as they are mentioned in distinct databases.