APIA’s Electronic System of Contractual Relationship has been released

Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA) released on April 12, 2016 the Electronic System of Contractual Relationship (RCL), implemented by Teamnet.


The aim of RCL system is to coordinate the deliveries between producers and milk buyers, thus monitoring the quantities of milk that are delivered to Romania. Through this system, the producer organizations, the associations of producer organizations, and the declarations of prime buyers are managed.

Thus, APIA receives the requests electronically through which the producers organizations seek recognition as an organization and manage these requests. The submitted applications enter the approval flow, and after following the approval flow, the system issues a notice of recognition or a decision rejecting the application submitted, in accordance with the achievement/failure criteria for examining applications submitted.

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For a greater market power, the producer organizations themselves can focus in an association of producer organizations. Thus, being a larger entity representing the same aim, can tell their point of view regarding milk’s market price. The referral flow deposit of applications for recognition as an association of organizations and their approval is similar to that of producers organizations, following approximately the same steps.

In addition, first buyers submit monthly statements and forward them to APIA which, through the system, carry out checks on those statements. If the statements do not meet the criteria, prime buyers are notified in order to correct the statements. After forwarding and re-checking, the statements are approved or rejected based on the accuracy of the data. The statements are considered approved for monthly reporting done by the European Union.

RCL system can be accessed from the website APIA here.