Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA ) started the final payments related to the single payment requests – Campaign 2015

Within the timeframe set and assumed objectives, the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA) informs that yesterday, April 7, the authorization began whilst today, April 8, the final payments related to the claims of the single payment began – Campaign 2015.

Yesterday were prepared to pay 536 160 unique applications summing 300 million euros estimated. From these, a first tranche of 27 273 applications, amounting to 13,687,915 euros will be paid today.

These first payments are made to the farmers who have applied for the payment concerning the schemes from the vegetable sector.

It is important to note that payments are made gradually starting today as the farmers’ files are processed and validated throughout the workflow of the informational system, for each payment scheme for which the request is made.

APIA officials together with the consortium led by SIVECO Romania specialists endeavor to comply with strict deadlines planned and communicated so that the funds reach farmers as soon as possible.


For more information, please see the Apia Press Release from April 8, 2016 - CP_Plati_Campania_2016_08 04 2016 _EN