15 years of transformation through technology.
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15 years of teamnet

15 years ago, few aspects of our everyday life seemed plausible. In 2001, the idea of bringing technology in every home, office and field of activity was rather a fiction. Nowadays, things have changed radically and we have gone so far as to depend on technology in everything we do. Technology is no longer a concept that refers exclusively to the IT sector, but a reality for all industries all over the world.

Teamnet was founded precisely with this vision, that technology is the backbone of our society. It is with this vision in mind that the company has become in a short time one of the most important system integrators in Romania, as well as in the region, with vast competencies in Cloud, Robotics, Emergency and SCADA. In the last 5 years, Teamnet has expanded internationally, aiming at becoming one of the undeniable leaders in the field of technological innovation in Central and Eastern Europe, in the Middle East and in North Africa.

During the past 15 years, Teamnet has moved the frontiers of technology, developing and implementing technological infrastructures and magnitude projects in the public and private environment at both, national and regional levels. With its unique portfolio of internationally implemented successful solutions, the Group has provided the customers with the necessary instruments in order to transform fields like public safety, administration, health, transport, agriculture, environment or energy.

During the last 3 years, the Group’s turnover grew from 55 mil. Euros in 2012 to 93 mil. Euros in 2014. Moreover, Teamnet is the sole Romanian company that has been included for the last eight consecutive years in Deloitte’s regional rankings. The development of Teamnet Group is the result of a dynamic and sustainable, European-wide recognised strategy.

A key contribution to this organic growth was possible by  forgingstrategic partnerships with global players such as Microsoft, Airbus, Orange or NEC, as well as with international renowned investors, International Finance Corporation, a member of The World Bank Group and of The Black Sea Trade & Development Bank.

As the Group has continued to evolve, the competencies of its companies have diversified and deepened. In 2012 Teamnet founded Ymens, the first cloud broker in Romania. Furthermore, Teamnet’s solutions and GIS-Platforms started to be used by all EU member states for reporting data at EU level, in the field of environment protection. UAV systems, developed and implemented by Teamnet in Romania have transformed the way customers in the field of agriculture and cadastre (land register) collect their data. The Engineering division has specialised both in implementing the classic SCADA systems and in using Cloud and Internet of Things.

Teamnet Group has come a long way during these 15 years, from being a small IT company to becoming one of the main system developers and integrators in the region. This was possible thanks to our vision, strategy and especially to our strong team who has succeeded, through its passion for innovation and extraordinary technical competencies, to deliver flagship projects, with a real impact on society.

During the next 5 years, development plans will be focussed on Europe, The Middle East, Africa and South-Eastern Asia. By 2020, over 50% of the Group’s revenues are expected to come from international transactions.

However, things will go further in the following years. The Group will focus on new strategic partnerships along with companies that believe, as we do, in the potential of digital transformation. Teamnet intends to become a catalyst of this transformation both in Romania and at international level.


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