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Internet & Mobile World

Internet and Mobile World 2013October 9th-10th, 2013

Internet & Mobile World is an ample event providing the audience with the opportunity to discover the best business solutions for their business or projects, while exploiting the benefits of Internet and mobility. The event presents, on open stage, but also at an ample exhibition, which annually attracts more than 6,500 visitors, the best practices in the industries, state-of-art technologies and the newest trends in the Internet world.

At Internet & Mobile World, Ymens delivered a presentation on the trends in the cloud industry and on the advantages of using cloud technology in the Romanian business environment. At the same time, Ymens offered a series of Case Studies from their own project portfolio. Ymens put up a booth where the participant had the opportunity to engage directly with the representatives of the company and find out more about cloud solutions for the business environment. You can find further information on the event here.